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Latest Features

   Hey everyone! Right now we are testing Music and Podcast, and also if your a guest and have something on your mind go to Guestbook and you can chat on there just like forums! Well thanks have fun!


     This site was created by Pickle Cat and MisterFluffyPants from Go!Animate.com


     We made it because we love Go!Animate, but the forums were getting stupid. So, we made this website. MFP, TUF, and Pickle Cat will monitor forums to make sure no 'Hate Threads' and the like are posted. Feel free to enjoy the website, and keep an eye out for new features!        


   Anyway, we are thinking of adding a feature where you get something for referring a friend. There's just one problem... We don't know what to give! So post what you think we should give in Suggestions Forum! (Note: It can't be Admin/Mod, GoPoints/GoBucks)

       HAVE FUN